Manual Balancing Valve


  • Meets BS 7350-Double Regulation Value type 4.

  • Precise Double Regulation.

  • Precise flow measurement using differential pressure measurement across precisely suitable/controlled variable orifice.

  • Digitally readable valve setting in 60 precise steps.

  • Provision for on-site limiting & locking the maximum valve opening(memory setting).

  • Provision for sealing/locking to make maximum valve opening, tamper proof.

  • Globe type construction for precise control.

  • Valve Pressure Temperature rating meeting PN 10,PN 16 & PN 25.

  • Guaranteed Cv's in digitized/graphs format provided with each valve.

  • Sizes DN 50(2") to DN 300(12").

  • Wet parts in SS 410 standard.

  • Body & Bonnet in Cast Iron FG260 standard & SG Iron/Cast Steel/Cast SS optional

  • Soft EPDM seat stranded and VITON seat optional.

  • Flow measuring accuracy with a maximum of 5% deviation.

  • Tight shut off design with no visible leakage.

  • Shell tested at 150% of rated pressure.

  • Differential pressure measuring ports suitable for standard DP points.

  • Drain plug and compatible accessories optional.

Other MOC's like UPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF/Clear PVC available in the size range of 15 mm. to 100mm. under 150# rating