About Us

From the ocean depths to deep space and everything in between, Valve-Tech provides custom, precision fluid control components and systems. Both our product line and workforce are diverse and capable of solving difficult fluid management problems.


From the start of our company in 2008. we have adhered to develop own technology and have become the leader in the production of different valves for different applications. Our company is recognized for innovative, high quality products. The Company began its manufacturing, committed to excellence using highest quality materials. We sailed off with the ambition of providing Quality Valves and now we are capable of not only producing large size and quantities of valves but also specialised ones which calls for various types of tests at different stages of manufacturing. We have always laid emphasis on quality focussed business approach and innovative inhouse development.


The company's engineering experts constantly work to provide customers with a broad range of valve patterns and sizes in a wide variety of metals. The experts at VALVE-TECH design custom valves for its application in specific requirements. The production processes, which includes casting, machining, assembling are taken care under proficiency. Before leaving the factory each valve is passed through advanced testing facilities with totally equipped laboratory for chemical and physical attributes, it undergoes rigorous hydraulic test where each Valve is passed through its respective QAP.


Today VALVE-TECH Is one of the leading manufacturers of superior International quality VALVES. Company's knowledge, experience and tradition of generating innovative solutions for the application of water control system has enabled the company to distribute its product throughout INDIA and abroad. A key component of VALVE-TECH is Its outstanding service to the customer, this includes field advice, technical assistance and consultancy


"VTI does not carry out Servicing or repair of 6D Valves, Hence Servicing is not applicable in valve tech Quality Management system"


VALVE-TECH is a self established company with fully equipped offices throughout INDIA. Having covered areas for In-Huse Production and The Knowledge of Experience that it has, makes it a leader in Fluid Control Technology.


Valvetech is involved in the production and sales of valves,strainers and compatible flow control instruments. Valvetech has successfully executed many orders for various application industries worldwide such as oil & gas,petrochemicals, power, chemicals,fertilizers,Marine,HVAC,Cement, etc.

VTI products have been installed at various locations and performing well to clients satisfaction.


The product which are developed in-house have their own trusted brand name. Most international quality inspection institutes have approved these quality brands many of our products also comply with the different international standards such as DIN, ANSI, ASME, JIS, and BS. 

Our industrial customers are constantly innovating it goes without saying that these products not only meet our own strict name but certainly comply with client specifications too. thanks to our skilled engineers and well-equipped production plants we can modify and test products under our own control to meet the clients wishes. with the strength of our knowledge, we always find a suitable solutions.

You can expect highest quality from us. Total Quality Management covers all areas from product development through production to product inspection and testing. In addition to this, Total Quality Management makes a positive contribution to our own organization: training personnel, purchase, contract evolutation, service and document management. this continuous quality control is expressed through certification according to the ISO 9001 API norms: International Guarantees for a continuous quality  

The combination of the knowledge of project management, planning, co-ordination, progress control and status reporting give VTI an unique position in the market. That is why you can expect us to be able to manage national and international projects in a professional manner and regardless of the size of the projects VTI always delivers in compliance with the applicable quality, safety; labor conditions and Environmental norms. 

  • Complete product range according to the valid norms and specification
  • Technical support and consultancy
  • Possibilities of ordering on-line
  • Just in time delivery
  • Key supply and total cost of ownership
  • Specials according to client specification
  • Projects and account managment
  • Framework agreements and bundled deliveries
  • After sales services
  • Our own product development and engineering 

Within the VTI Group reigns supreme. The name VTI is respected as one of the leading manufacturers of valves and related pipeline equipment in the world.Its reputation earned through a philosophy of total dedication to quality, innovation and customer services that been a hallmark of the VTl Group. And its a reputation that we strive to maintain our operation and follow our mission to continue to produce an unrivalled level of excellence in our Products, Service, Performance and Availability.